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3 min readOct 7, 2022

October 7

Intending to continue with the theme of emotional and mental liberation today, I’ve instead become sidetracked by an article about changing our reality. According to this article reality shifting is breaking out of physical constraints and experiencing alternate universes.

Initial reaction to these kinds of articles is to start hooting with derision, but curiosity got the better of me, so I kept reading. Apparently there are two types of alternate realities (only two?): one is using your imagination and self-hypnosis, the other is quantum jumping. Eh?

I found a video to guide us to do this, but the physics of it aren’t explained, so we watch with a very wary mindset.

The first type of “altered state” is something we all do from a very early age. Who hasn’t daydreamed their way out of a boring situation in childhood? But quantum jumping? This uses a “portal” to move you into different time periods. I may need to suspend disbelief here. In quantum jumping we can change things about ourselves such as appearance and nationality. Erm?….OK. (Just don’t forget to come back).

There are 15 signs that we’ve already done some shifting or are getting close.

  1. Seeing flickering white lights shifting between bright and dim. Done.(√)
  2. Our body vibrates and there’s buzzing in the ears sometimes accompanied by dizziness and nausea. (√)
  3. Feelings of falling or floating. (√)
  4. Feeling dizzy or disoriented. (√)
  5. Heart is racing. (√)
  6. Splitting headache. (√)
  7. Desired reality seems too real, as in you don’t know if you dreamt it or if it really happened. (√)
  8. Current reality feels fake. (X) Never happens to me.
  9. Unusually tired. (√) All the time, haha.
  10. Feeling numb. (X) Apparently this means being sort of “out” of the body. (!!!! schizophrenia?)
  11. Blurred vision. (√)
  12. Homesick feeling. (√)
  13. Feeling and smelling things that aren’t there. (√)
  14. Your script is playing out. (√)
  15. Reality shift happens right before you sleep or on first waking up. (√)

Speaking of reality, most of this sounds like stuff that happens frequently to everybody in small doses and in real time. In larger doses, maybe a trip to the doctor is worthwhile.

However, might it be possible to alter our state of reality without drugs, alcohol, anesthetic, or hypnosis? I definitely remember times when I felt “different” and not anchored to my everyday experience. Sometimes this happened after receiving a shock, but there have been times — extremely few and far between — when I seemed to see things very differently in ways that are difficult to explain. It was like having another way of seeing the world and myself. Probably due to some sort of chemical change in the brain, but that raises the question about what would trigger that. It definitely enhances experience though and is a subtle form of pleasure.

Might it be worthwhile to do some experimenting in this area? I will begin today by staring at a lit candle for a while and see what happens.



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